Monday, January 9, 2017

Cold in least for one week

So this week I found out that Texas can get cold! Who woulda thought??

We had some days this week where it got in the low 30s and there was
some freezing that happened. One of those nights we exchanged with the
ZL's in a parking lot it was so cold haha!
The thermals and coats I've been lugging around since last winter
finally came in handy. However, today it is going to be near 70s so
I'm not sure if I will use them again on my mission. Maybe.

We had a super solid week this week! We got to teach our awesome
progressing investigator. He's awesome and doing well. He
had some family stuff that prevented him from coming to church :/ that
was disappointing but we already have an fhe scheduled with a member
:) he's gonna bounce back awesome! He is also on date to be baptized
in a few weeks!!! That is the most exciting part! We are so excited
for him! He's on the path to getting married soon and then the baptism
will follow.

We found some awesome people this week. We tried a whole bunch of
former investigators this week (there are SOOO many! A missionary who
was here for 6 months way back when had the goal of knocking every
door in Kingwood. That led to a lot of formers haha. But we got in
with a few! We will have to see where that goes.

We also exchanged with the Zone leaders. Elder Dominguez came here
with me. He's from Lehi! He doesn't know the Blackburns down there tho
:/ he's super funny and I amazed him with some magic tricks hahaha.
There's a member down here that's super into sleight of hand and
whatnot so after we eat with him he shows us some of his moves, and
then I show him some stuff that I did from when I was a sophomore in
Highschool haha. I'll attach one below :)

But yeah the work is moving along :)

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