Monday, July 11, 2016

Transfer Time!

Transfers have come again! But this time of year is unique because a
lot of missionaries go home and a lot come out. It's sad to see so
many of the friends I've made over the past year are now packing their
bags for good. It's crazy that they were only a year out when I got
here, and now it's their time to leave.

And with the many new coming out, they had some training calls come.
President Drake had already hinted that there was a 95% chance I was
training at the start of the new transfer, so I wasn't caught too off
guard when the call came. But either way I was super excited I get to
be with a brand new missionary! I'm also grateful it's now and not
the next transfer because wayyyy more missionaries come out next
transfer so I think this is a perfect time. I've gained a lot of
responsibility with the new call mainly because I've only been here
for a couple of weeks but with the Lord's help it'll work out good.

But as for this week it was a party. Trios are super fun, with our
huge combined area and double the members to feed us, I wouldn't have
mind staying at least another week. The only bad part was the zone
leaders told me that my area was losing its car, but when calls came
they shut down two other areas so I got to keep it. So we mostly used
my car this week so the mile count is a little on the high side. We're
working out something with Wood Forest to help us save miles.

But we taught some good people this week. We found a guy
who at first was super timid when we found out we were religious
people. He was wearing a shirt that didn't have some good language so
he got super embarrassed when he found out who we were and started
laughing. But we taught him the Restoration and he told us he wants to
be lifted from the burdens he feels. We testified about how baptism
can wipe his past clean. He's a neat guy.

Sunday was really good this week. Our stake president, President
Banks, is super cool and spoke in all three blocks. One of the best
Sunday's I've had. Pres. Banks knows how to talk well and keep it
simple and interesting so everyone is listening when he speaks.

Well I'll be going to transfers later this afternoon, have a good week y'all!

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