Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th

Happy 4th!!

If y'all don't know the story about Wilford Woodruff doing the
ordinances for the founding fathers I suggest you look it up because
it's a great story about the church and our country.

We had some pretty cool experiences this week. We tried making it good
since it's elder Syphus's last week in the mission.

We did find this one super miracle guy.
We were biking to an appointment when we both got
an impression to talk to this guy we had passed. He was in his
driveway so we turned our bikes around and started contacting him.
He's going through a super hard time in his life and he was really
surprised when we came to talk to him because I guess about a couple
of years ago he needed help and soon after he prayed he saw some other
missionaries. So from these two experiences he knows that God sends
the Mormons when people need help. He taught him the Restoration and
even more of a miracle is he came to church yesterday. He's super
willing to change I hope he can keep it up.

We also taught this older lady and her grandson. I guess they had some
brief contact with missionaries before but we taught them and gave
them a Book of Mormon. They seem interested, we are teaching them
again tomorrow.

We have a pretty good teaching pool, July should be a good month for
us but anything is possible I could be gone next week haha.

The stake Patriarch invited us over for the holiday today so that's
where we've been. Sorry for the short letter!

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