Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter is coming!

Easter is almost here! That means all the local churches down here
have their marquees set to "the crucifixion is proof God conquered
death!" I lol at those because they are totally missing the point
that Jesus ROSE from the dead. Many people have died. He was the first
to rise.

I'll start off with a funny story this morning. So elder Scow and I
have a lot of sausage in our fridge cuz members like to give us
sausage. So for breakfast we decided we needed to cook some so elder
scow grabbed the first roll he saw and we started cooking. About half
way through, we noticed it was really soft, so we checked the package
and saw we were accidentally cooking hamburger meat! So instead of
sausage and eggs we made sloppy joes for breakfast. I'll attach a pic

But anyways things were a tad bit slower this week due to a couple of things:

1. We went down to Beaumont to the Red Cross center down there this
week to receive some special training to help with flood victims. It
was legit only a lot of the stuff we got trained to do we won't be
able to help with as missionaries (going with RC members in cars and
assessing damage) but we were able to send a group to a local shelter
in Orange to help load and unload supplies and stuff. They also took a
picture of all the LDS missionaries and I think it's on the Red Cross
Facebook page so check that out!

But that's about it haha we did have a cool experience this week.

We were tracting a street up north in our area and came across a guy
sitting on our porch. He was an older gentleman and lives close to a
member and he told us they are good friends. He said he's talked to
missionaries before and he doesn't want to change. HOWEVER the spirit
wanted us to teach him because a miracle happened. As we talked he
said something about his member friend going to the temple. I simply
asked him if he had ever seen a temple. He said no, and I pulled out
my iPad and showed him a beautiful photo of the Houston temple. As he
was marveling we told him about temples and that we don't worship in
them, we do sacred ordinances. Then he mentioned his wife passed away
recently and that gave us the perfect opportunity to talk about Temple
work plus Plan of Salvation with a focus on the spirit world. The
spirit was so strong and he started asking super sincere questions. We
gave him the pamphlet to read and he eagerly accepted it. We have
another appointment scheduled with him on wed! We talked to the member
he knew at church about our miracle. He marveled too because he's also
recently felt prompted to see him, and the missionaries in the past
weren't able to teach him anything. Maybe it's his time :) the Plan of
Salvation is such a strong teaching tool!!

I love you guys! The church is true!

Elder Blackburn

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