Monday, March 14, 2016

A lot of rain mixed with missionary work

Hello everyone! We had a CRAZY week of weather. It was the most
rainfall I've ever seen. I hope everyone who got flooded is ok.

So starting Tuesday night a huge storm came in and all Wednesday
activities had to be pushed back because it was raining so hard it
made driving super dangerous. There was a whole bunch of lightning
too, and it actually struck a couple trees down the street. So over
the course of wed and thurs morning we got 13 inches of rainfall. And
in Louisiana we heard they got 18 inches of rainfall. The locals say
they haven't seen this much rain in like 60 years. Everything was
flooded for the next couple days, they even cancelled the local
schools on thurs and Friday. Lucky ducks! And the rain and flooding
made tracting super muddy! There was this really friendly dog who
after playing in the mud decided I needed a hug. Not the best time, I
went the rest of the day with a brown dog paw mark on my shirt haha.
He storm kinda hindered some of our finding for the week, but we still
got some good ol work done.

But we're surviving! We had some interesting people we came across
this week. We got to teaching a few as well! One of them was this
Pentecostal preacher who was super nice but kept taking shots at our
Church while we talked. Great. We did eventually give him a Book
of Mormon to read and cleared up some confusion, but we probably won't
be going back any time soon.

As for solid investigators we're working with.. That's something we're
trying to improve. Since everyone down here is related in Fred (it's a
small town, people don't tend to move too far) we work a lot with
members. We are teaching a member's cousin who is pretty much all
ready to be baptized, just a few kinks need to be worked out. It will be
sometime next month in April.

Another pretty solid we are teaching is the son of a less active
member. He's super cool, but sometimes runs into trouble at school.
His dad is all for us teaching him, so he has support there. The only
bad part is his grandma is extremely baptist so that's been getting in
the way. We've taught him twice and he's super enthusiastic so that's

Alright stay safe y'all

Also check out the little friends he found running around -

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