Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Companion and working hard...

New comp and new fun! So last week I left y'all with a cliffhanger and
I'm sure you were on the edge of your seat waiting to hear who my new
comp is, his name is Elder Whitlock and he has been out for 4 and 1/2
months. He just got transferred from his birth area in Kingwood, and
Elder Andrew and him just switched places haha. We met super late in
the church parking lot when the DL brought him and other comps back. I
felt bad for him because since I wasn't able to go, when they called
his name and mine at the transfer meeting, only he stood up and I
didn't because I wasn't there haha.
But elder Whitlock and I hit it off super well. He's the oldest of
five, from Orem and wants to work hard so we're really focused even though we had 
some setbacks this week.  Our hard work did pay off
this week, I'll tell you of some of the miracles we saw:
We had one of those crazy miracles this week where we weren't certain
this lady was just a less active who was toying with us. It all
started on Wednesday when we were doing some tracting after an
appointment fell through. We were disappointed because one of our star
investigators decided to stray off the path a little bit, but anyways,
we were knocking on this door when we heard a voice say, "I'm about to
take a shower, come back tomorrow" so of course we did. We didn't get
a name but it was an awkward situation, let's be honest. So the next
day we go and knock on this door, and this lady opens. She asks if we
can go inside, but there was no male home so we taught her on her
doorstep. She told us what happened is about 15 years ago,
the Elders knocked on her door and taught her a bit, but they never
came back. So she pretty much told us she's been waiting for us. And
her daughter, in trying to learn more about our church
became a big fan of the play "the Book of Mormon" so that was
interesting. She had some funny questions about things her daughter
told her about the play. Mainly that Joseph Smith wrote a book, and
then his friends wanted him to change it, so he did. So we cleared
that all up in a super sweet Restoration lesson. At the end, we asked
her if she attends a church near by. She replied that she doesn't, and
she's been looking for a church to join. So of course we told her
where our church was and she told us she was coming, but she never
showed up yesterday. But anyhow, she gladly accepted a Book of Mormon
and told Us to come back on Tuesday.
And the other miracle is our investigator, I will call him "W" had a super amazing
experience after we gave him a blessing. He's recovering super well,
and he called us to tell us he's stopped chewing his nails, something
he's never been able to do. He also said he felt "something" while we
were giving the blessing and how he almost got emotional, but didn't.
When he told us this yesterday, we had a super good lesson on the Holy
Ghost. He's slowing gaining his testimony, so we committed him to
search for those same feelings as he reads the Book of Mormon and
prays specifically to know if what we teach is true.

Anyways, that's about it for this week!
More adventures ahead!

Elder Blackburn

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