Monday, April 18, 2016

Transfers postponed

Hey y'all. I hope you're all staying dry right now because we're soaked!

So transfer calls came Saturday... And Elder Scow is leaving :( kinda
sucks. We thought for sure he was going to stay for another, but he's
the first in the past five missionaries in Fred to not stay 6 months.
We're both sad he's leaving, this is his birth area and no one wants
to leave their birth area. So the past couple days we've been packing
and saying goodbye to people. But then today was a HUGE storm that's
passing through so as we loaded Elder Scow and his luggage into the
truck we got soaked. So we had been driving for about 40 minutes when
we got a breaking news text from the Zone leaders saying that it's too
dangerous to drive so transfers have been postponed. Lol. This is
gonna be a crazy week and I feel bad for elder scow because he's
already told everyone goodbye and we're going back until Saturday.
This is the beginning to a crazy week and crazy transfer! It's gonna
be good though, I'm happy I get to be with Elder Scow for another

But in the midst of transfers we had a super duper week. We got
another investigator to accept a baptismal date! She finally got all
her health problems figured out when she made a trip to the er last
week. She was so full of energy she even made us dinner and set up a
little table outside. She's so sweet! The only bad news is her
apartment managers got bought out and she might have to leave soon. So
we've got limited time to work with! It's currently set for the second
Saturday in May, so we're gonna be praying that it works out!

We also managed to teach our other investigator again. He's still
hasn't read the Book of Mormon yet, so if he hasn't read by next time
we see him we're going to read with him. We talked about the plan of
salvation and boy does he like to ask questions! He has a lot of
really solid questions, and some I've never heard before. For example
he asked why do we take medicine and stay alive and healthy when we've
been promised how good heaven is. I mean it hit me that our Heavenly
Father wants us to learn to be responsible so we can take on much more
meaningful, heavenly responsibilities one day. So we're praying that
his heart will be softened so he will start reading the Book of Mormon
and see the evidence for the answers we've given him.

I'll be in touch with y'all! This week is gonna be crazy
Elder Blackburn

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