Monday, April 11, 2016

Transfer Almost Done...

It's that time of week again!

I hope y'alls week was good. We had a decent week, we worked really
hard and we're still trying to get our investigators progressing
toward baptism.

We were able to get a few new investigators this week. I might have
talked about them before but we'll see. They are both elderly ladies
who are opening to talking with us. The first one is super baptist but
at one point she was looking for the truth. She hasn't mentioned
anything about finding complete truth or being satisfied with her
current religion, so she is open to us coming over and 'discussing the
Lord' as she puts it. What would really help her is reading the Book
of Mormon but she is so old that her eyes have deteriorated so much
it's hard for her to read small print. We are trying out various
things to see what will work because she needs a testimony of this
truth. The good thing is she can read our pamphlets because they are
slightly bigger in text and if she uses her magnifying glass she can
read it. That's some dedication right there haha! She also has a lot
of questions about life and death especially deathbed repentance.
We're hoping that the spirit will work on her to open her heart.

The other lady is one who's been through a super rough life, and she
loves company because she doesn't get it often so she loves it when we
come. She has tons of health problems but she is faithful through all
of it. What was funny is when we showed up she told us we didn't give
her 'one of those bibles' (BoM) last time so she wasn't able to read
any. We gladly gave her a copy. We found out she is kin to a ward
member. In this small city where everyone is related it isn't too hard
to find fellow shippers haha.

Sorry for the short email. Next week is transfers but I'll probably be
staying. If my comp goes I'll be going to the meeting but I'll keep
y'all updated!

Elder Blackburn

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