Monday, August 31, 2015

Working and Training

With every Church member focusing more and more on keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, Elder Blackburn offers his thoughts on the subject as well as a general update -


Wow so you guys are focusing on keeping the Sabbath day holy too? That's way cool! The past couple of Sunday's down here have focused on them as well. I haven't seen any video or anything, but we've had some wonderful talks and discussions about it. One interesting point is the fact that we sacrifice to make the Sabbath day holy. Those things we give up, while they might not be the first-lings of the flock, still show our Heavenly Father that we will put our worldly possessions aside and focus on him.

I did have a really fun past week! Nothing quite as exciting as last week, but one of the highlights was we had to attend New Missionary Training meeting! All the new missionaries and their trainers had to drive to Summerwood (which for us is a two and a half hour drive cuz we're super far away) where we continued to discuss missionary mindsets, and see how we were coming. When we talk about the Restoration and we get to the Joseph Smith Story, one of us tells the background discusses Joseph's intentions on praying and then the other Elder (or Sister) in the companionship recites the entire JS story from memory (really it's verses 10-17, which is still quite long! and then we sit in silence for a few moments and let the spirit edify us. So anyway, my comp and I have done this before, before this meeting, but I was only one of two new missionaries out of the thirty or so that came out that could recite it from memory! I thought I was pretty cool. We get an awesome gold book mark for doing it from the Drakes, who also conducted the whole meeting.

So that was one of the cool things, It was fun seeing all of the missionaries I came out with! Good times.

Besides that shennanigan, we had some really awesome teaching opportunities this week! We got lucky and a missionary from the home ward here returned after his two years, and since he's still super dedicated and focused, we snag him a lot to bring to lessons. He served in the Salt Lake City North Mission, speaking in an Arabic dialect. He's way solid on our lessons, and since he's super new, he just loves inviting our investigators to YSA stuff cuz he's new and just wants people to go with. He's awesome.

We don't have any plans to have a baptism this week, however, we do have someone planned for next week! So excited! He's on track, and super solid. So in two weeks expect awesome pictures! We have big plans for September, so expect lot's of exciting news this month! I can't believe how fast August went. Thanks for all the letters, pioneer stories, and packages :)

Love you guys!

Elder Blackburn

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