Saturday, August 1, 2015

2nd email from the MTC

Hey fam! Another week gone, and it's really weird to think I only have two days left here. All of my teachers are really good.  One in particular served a mission at 22 years old, and after he returned home, he has gotten married in the temple. Pretty cool story. He says things are still hard because he's the only member in his family, but his example has really inspired me. 
We've had some really cool devotionals this week, and after one, I began to write a whole bunch about my testimony of the atonement. It's in letter form, so you will probably be getting that soon. When you get it, can you make a copy of it and put it in my room for later please? Thanks :) 
But besides some good info, this week has had some tender moments as we had to send a sister from our district home. She tore her ACL completely, and the doctor told her she needed to go home for surgery and recovery. It will be about two months until she can come back. Her testimony was really strong, and I'm glad we had a testimony meeting before we heard the news. She was able to hear all of our testimonies, as we heard hers. We have all been praying for a swift recovery for her. 

Anyways, thanks so much for the packages and cookies and letters! :) Idk if I have told you guys yet, maybe its in the hand written letter you'll get soon, but we share our floor with all the missionaries from the pacific islands and south korea. They are a super fun people, and they got really excited when I shared your cookies with them. There was a lot of cookies, so I figured I'd share. One of the South Korean Elders has the nick-name of North Korea, and he exclamed as he ate "good cook". So he definitely likes your cookies mom :) Anyway, I've had some really great experiences up here, and I'm bittersweet about seeing it all go, but I know good things are ahead!

Oh and Nic Lebaron sent me a super funny letter. He said he has been playing adult tournaments lately, hahaha good ol' Nic. 

Talk to you soon!

Elder Henry Blackburn
Texas Houston East Mission

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