Tuesday, August 11, 2015

1st Area - Moss Bluff, LA

After speaking with Elder Blackburn briefly last Monday, we knew he must have gone to his new area.  Our only indication was a charge on his account in Lake Charles, LA.  As it turns out, he is in a suburb of that city - it is very pretty, about two hours east of 
Houston and two hours west of New Orleans.

Hey family! It was a pretty long first week down here, but I'm getting
used to it! But anyway, to recap the week, I arrived in Houston around
noon on Monday last week and President and Sister Drake were waiting
at the baggage claim to greet us. They are super nice and way funny,
so they got along with everyone super well. What I didn't expect was
how green it was when we landed. There are trees everywhere!
Kingwood's nickname is 'The Livable Forest' and I would have to agree
with that!
Anyway, as we were shuttled to a local stake center, they brought us
into a gym for food. And as we walked in, all the bikes were assembled
together in a line. So I didn't even have to assemble the bike at all!
Later, all the missionaries we gathered in the chapel for companion
and area assignments. I got paired with Elder Noall (rhymes with toll,
but with an 'n' sound, and found out that I was going to Lovely
Louisiana! Our area is called Moss Bluff, and besides us there is
another companionship of Elders and a companionship of Sisters. And I
was told we are getting another companionship of Elders next month.
Our area is really cool, and we almost always have investigators in
church. But I never knew I could sweat so much! Before I forget,
here's my address for the next little while:

1072 A Shellie Lane
Lake Charles, LA, 70611

Send me some good packages please :)

Oh and I need to tell you how good the food is down here. There are
'horror' stories of Elders gaining 30 pounds in 3 months. Pray for my
fitness! But really it's because the members provide an average of 4
dinners a week for us. It's awesome. Besides the fact that they feed
us well, the members have super strong testimonies and are great
examples down here.

Talk to you soon!
Elder Blackburn

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